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Title:What the Dog Said
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
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Seeing Is Deceiving (T*Witches, #3)

Seeing Is Deceiving T Witches

b RAVE N b br br Cam s and Alex s powers are getting in sync and the twins can t help themselves They re reading people s minds using magick on the soccer field It s bringing them closer together But it s forcing Cam and her bff Beth apart br br When Alex sneaks out to an all night party she suddenly finds Beth and herself in terrible danger Thantos the evil one who wants the twins eliminated has taken Beth hostage Must Alex sacrifice herself to save her sister and friend

Dead Wrong (T*Witches, #4)

Dead Wrong T Witches

While trying to evade Alex s creepy stepfather twins Alex and Cam head to Alex s old home in Montana to help her friend Evan not realizing that the warlock Thantos has followed them with plans of his own

Don't Think Twice (T*Witches, #5)

Don t Think Twice T Witches

b SHE LL NEVER TE ELL b br br Cam s best Bree is unraveling and Cam feels locked out Not so for Alex who has been breaking into people s minds She knows all Bree s secrets But before the twins can help Bree she is taken away To a private place for help Serious help br br There Bree meets a mysterious woman who is able to heal her like no one else But this woman is more than a stranger She holds the key to everything that Alex and Camryn have been searching for If only they can get to her

Kindred Spirits (T*Witches, #7)

Kindred Spirits T Witches

div In the seventh installment of this mega popular series teen witches Cam and Alex return to their birthplace and discover a few shocking secrets about their mysterious past br br br br Welcome to Coventry Island a lush mystical land that is home to a powerful community of witches and warlocks It is here that teen witches Cam and Alex were born And now the twins have returned to Coventry to say a final farewell to their beloved guardian Karsh But when the girls visit their ancestral home on the island they discover there are many truths to be revealed about their past Their mother Miranda has secrets to share And then there s the group of teen witches and warlocks who Cam and Alex meet Will these teens help the twins or are they up to something more sinister div

The Witch Hunters (T*Witches, #8)

The Witch Hunters T Witches

In the aftermath of an unsettled trip to Coventry Island Cam and Alex cannot rest until they find out why one of the Six Pack is showing off some strange powers and why a stranger to Marble Bay wants to deprive its people of magic

Split Decision (T*Witches, #9)

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Despite their much needed vacation from themselves Cam and Alex find their magick very weak while separated resulting in evil settling in with no intention of leaving

All You Need Is a Love Spell (Sabrina the Teenage Witch, #7)

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Sabrina just can t figure it out All of the sudden her entire school has been bitten by the love bug Everyone is pairing off but with the wrong people Even Libby Miss Super Cool has fallen head over heels for the biggest nerd in the school Sabrina laughs it all off until Harvey her very own Harvey gets a case for someone else

Oh Baby!

Oh Baby

div Before heading off for college sixteen year old small town girls Abby and Jamie are headed for the big cities Shy innocent Abby will be a nanny for a posh New York City family while smart no nonsense Jamie works her nanny gig in sunny celeb studded L A Talk about culture shock And between the eye popping parties hot boys high maintenance kids and a heaping of drama the girls can barely squeeze in time for e mail catch ups But their wild summers on opposite coasts will teach Abby and Jamie things they never knew about love lust truth lies themselves and each other div

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br div Ever since her police officer father was killed a few months ago Grace Abernathy hasn t wanted to do much of anything She s pulled away from her friends her grades are plummeting it s a problem The last thing Grace wants is to be dragged into her older sister Regan s plan to train a shelter dog as a service dog But Grace has no idea how involved she ll get especially when a mangy mutt named Rex starts talking to her Has Grace gone off the deep end Or might this dog be something really special an angel A spirit Either way he is exactly the therapy that Grace needs br div br div div br What the Dog Said books by Randi Reisfeld, H.B. Gilmour

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