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Salvation in Death (In Death, #27) pdf books
Title:Salvation in Death (In Death, #27)
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Portrait in Death (In Death, #16)

Portrait in Death In Death

After a tip from a reporter Eve Dallas finds the body of a young woman in a Delancey street dumpster Just hours before the news station had mysteriously received a portfolio of professional portraits of the woman The photos seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary for any pretty young woman starting a modeling career Except that she wasn t a model And that these photos were taken after she had been murdered br br Now Dallas is on the trail of a killer who s a perfectionist and an artist He carefully observes and records his victim s every move And he has a mission to own every beautiful young woman s innocence to capture her youth and vitality in one fateful shot

Promises in Death (In Death, #28)

Promises in Death In Death

Amarylis Coltraine may have recently transferred to the New York City police force from Atlanta but she s been a cop long enough to know how to defend herself against an assailant When she s taken down just steps away from her apartment killed with her own weapon for Eve the victim isn t just one of us br br Dallas s friend Chief Medical Examiner Morris and Coltraine had started a serious relationship and from all accounts the two were headed for a happy future together But someone has put an end to all that After breaking the news to Morris Eve starts questioning everyone from Coltraine s squad informants and neighbors while Eve s husband Roarke digs into computer data on Coltraine s life back in Atlanta To their shock they discover a connection between this case and their own painful shadowy pasts br br The truth will need to be uncovered one layer at a time starting with the box that arrives at Cop Central addressed to Eve containing Coltraine s guns badge and a note from her killer You can have them back Maybe someday soon I ll be sending yours to somebody else br br But Eve Dallas doesn t take too kindly to personal threats and she is going to break this case whatever it takes And that s a promise

Judgment in Death (In Death, #11)

Judgment in Death In Death

She stood in Purgatory and studied death The blood and the gore of it the ferocity of its glee It had come to this place with the wilful temper of a child full of heat and passion and careless brutality br br In an uptown strip joint a cop is found bludgeoned to death The weapon s a baseball bat The motive is a mystery It s a case of serious overkill that pushes Eve Dallas straight into overdrive Her investigation uncovers a private club that s more than a hot spot Purgatory s a last chance for atonement where everyone is judged Where your ultimate fate depends on your most intimate sins And where one cop s hidden secrets are about to plunge innocent souls into vice ridden damnation

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In the year cutting edge investigative tools can help catch a killer But there are some questions even the most advanced technologies cannot answer br At the most solemn moment of a Catholic funeral Mass the priest brings the chalice to his lips Seconds later he is dead on the altar br For the mourners packed into the pews Father Miguel Flores s sudden demise is an unimaginable shock When Detective Lieutenant Eve Dallas confirms that the consecrated wine contained enough potassium cyanide to kill a rhino she s prepared to plunge in and find out why despite her discomfort with her surroundings It s not the bodegas and pawnshops of East Harlem that bother her it s all that holiness flying around St Cristobal s that makes her uneasy br The autopsy reveals scars from knife wounds a removed tattoo and evidence of plastic surgery suggesting Father Flores may not have been the man his parishioners thought Now as Eve pieces together clues that suggest identity theft gang connections and a deeply personal act of revenge she hopes to track down whoever committed this unholy act Until a second murder in front of an even larger crowd of worshippers knocks the whole investigation sideways br The way Eve sees it vengeance may be the Lord s business but if there s going to be any earthly justice in this case it s up to her Salvation in Death (In Death, #27) books by J.D. Robb, Susan Ericksen

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