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Tom Wolfe rewrites American Gigolo Kirkus Reviews Author Coerte V W Felske s Scandalocity comes on the heels of his highly acclaimed dolce vita fiction trilogy The Shallow Man Word and The Millennium Girl Zeitgeist for the Information Age the novel is set against the backdrop of the starry lights and glamorous nights of New York City Defined as The speed at which scandal measured in velocity can turn you into a star Scandalocity is a sexy ADHD psychological thriller and the master of guilty pleasure prose takes on our technology driven media consumed and celebrity obsessed culture in a taut explosive narrative Protagonist Harry Starslinger is a neurologically disordered online gossip columnist who becomes embroiled in the police investigation of his girlfriend s murder Like Dostoevsky s Notes From Underground the book takes off in roaring first person as we ride Harry s spontaneous insightful thoughts One of the most connected men in the City where his high profile position as a purveyor of celebrity gossip offers him access anywhere anytime Slinger finds it difficult to founder life sustaining connections in a rocket paced world of IMs iPods and e mails social networking sites and hand held techie toys The story unfolds in parallel between the ongoing murder investigation and the burgeoning romance with the victim in the past There s more murder a manhunt and Harry becomes the hunted one A pulsating page turner the novel combines the scalding thematic tones of Odets and Lehman s The Sweet Smell of Success with the suspense and dramatic twists of Kasden s erotic cinema thriller Body Heat Felske s fourth installment in his dolce vita fiction series Scandalocity crackles with razor sharp vernacular and a lexicon s worth of bleeding edge phraseologies hallmarks of the author s inimitable life in the fast lane literature The Dolce Vita Press Front and back covers by Peter Beard featuring supermodel Irina Shayk on double exposed Giant Polaroids ACCLAIM FOR THE WORKS OF COERTE V W FELSKE The Shallow Man novel is crass entertaining slangy and reeking of sun bronze and the fresh turnover of fleshy delights makes the narrator s decision to become an aging roue instead of a responsible adult seem like an honest admirable choice Felske writes like a gigolo and treats seduction as a dirty sport James Wolcott Vanity Fair Model Citizen the story of a man who never met a beautiful woman he didn t like David Kelley The New York Times Book Review Favorite Novel The Shallow Man by Coerte Felske which begins with the line I never met a model I didn t like Candace Bushnell Vogue Coerte V W Felske s novel The Shallow Man turned the fashion world on its head and introduced the term modelizer into the collective consciousness Detour A Model Wordsmith New York Magazine In his first novel The Shallow Man Coerte V W Felske spins a clever tale of the narcissistic world of fashion modeling Nick reminds us Never judge a book by its contents Certainly not this book It s fun flash and filigree a sexy witty spoof of the Nineties Digby Diehl Playboy Shallow waters run deep This stunning unreflective man knows more than you think Reading the quick witted prose one begins to think Nick Laws is like Hamlet without the mental baggage tumbling Ophelia by Act II Felske s The Shallow Man makes a case for the unexamined life Esquire Spiked with original Nickspeak and hilarious dialogue Felske s depiction of the physically elite is so clever in its anthropological detail that we can forgive his protagonist for just about anything People PLAYBOY CENTERFOLD DATA SHEET Favorite Book The Shallow Man by Coerte Felske It s about a very shallow man and his involvements with models Priscilla Lee Taylor Miss March Scandalocity books by Coerte V.W. Felske

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